What Are The Best Cat Toys?


Some people think that new, expensive toys for cats will be useless for kittens and even for older cats. This isn't true at all. Just like people, some breeds of cats might need something better. In this article, we'll review a couple of the best cat toys and what they can do for you furry little friends.

Petstages Tower is one of the best cat toys you can buy because it's interactive and fun to use. The interactive features to ensure your pet stays put during playtime. You'll find that the smooth motor motion makes this a very enjoyable toy for kitties. The tower folds flat so it is easy to store and you won't have to worry about it sliding around the house on your cat.

Like the tower, the best cat toys for cats love to play with the interactive rotating red/yellow Velcro objects. These toys are designed to catch your cat's attention and keep it interested for several minutes. When your feline gets bored, just remove the toy and it will go back to playing randomly with whatever it was playing with before.

The next item on our list is the turbo scratcher. It is an excellent choice as a cat toy, especially if your pet has small children in the house. Many cats enjoy trying to catch small fingers or other objects. This toy is designed to easily catch your kitty's attention and then snap the object into a treat that is similar to a game of claw-it. Because there are only two buttons, this toy is very safe for small hands to play with.

Finally, we bring you the kong active feather teaser cat toy best value. This is one of the best cat toys for cats because it has two functions. It is safe and does not require any electricity to run. It is also affordable and comes with many fun options to keep your kitty entertained. The main features of this toy are a vibrating motion, feathers, a toy scoop, and attractive colors that will make your pet smile.

In order to find the best cat toys for your pet, keep in mind what type of cat you have. Some pets prefer high tech toys that are electronic. Some just like a soft toy or even catnip toys. You should also consider whether you have kittens or adult cats. Kittens will have different interests, so you may want to choose a different toy than what you would have chosen for an older cat.

When choosing the best cat toys for your cat, be sure to pick the ones that are safe for your pet and one that they will enjoy. Try to avoid any of the common safety hazards that could prove hazardous to an indoor cat's health. If you want to save some money on cat supplies, you may want to look for store coupons or even use online coupons to save money. Be sure to check out your local pet store and see what types of cat toys they carry to help you decide which features are best.